Virtual Tour Photography

Impact of 360 Virtual Tour Photography On Your Google Business Profile

I’m sure you are aware that your Google Business Profile (GBP) ( Changed from Google My Business Listing (GMB) on 4/11/21) is your most important asset when guests are researching local businesses? With more than 80% of Google searches being done on Google Maps these days, it is far more important than a website. I’m sure you have used them yourself when researching goods & services.

Virtual Tour Photography

Here’s a search i did earlier when i typed in, “Hotels near me”. Try a search yourself to see your local results. Is your facility there? It should be! So what drives your listing higher? Simply put, Activity! And that’s all activity. No one knows 100% what excites the Google Algorithm (walk away from anyone that says they do!). But Google posts recommendations online and its clear that the algorithm needs activity. It needs to be fed, just like the birds in my garden. If i want them to return regularly, i need to constantly top up the feeder . 

Views, reviews, length of time viewed, click rate etc. All of the hotels in my area had reviews, but none had a 360 Street View Virtual Tour or 360 Virtual Tour Photography, where people can walk in off the street and look around in the comfort of their home. All they had was just a boring, uninspiring and generic photograph of the street

If they did have a virtual tour where customers could connect emotionally, ask yourself which facility would be getting a visit or a booking? And the best part, once created, Google Street View 360 Virtual Tours are hosted by Google for FREE for the life of your business listing on Google Maps. What a deal, at that price, you have to ask yourself can you afford not to have one.

According to Google, 67% of people are looking for more virtual tours in their search today. Why not give the people what they want?

Google Street View 360 Virtual Tours start from as low as $99, nothing more to pay, ever, backed by our famous “Money Back Guarantee“.

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